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 "The thing about quotes on the internet is you can not confirm their validity" ~Abraham Lincoln

The thing about this quote is.my immediate thought was, "How did Abraham Lincoln know about the internet?

Name your wifi network FBI Surveillance Van & freak out the neighbors

This makes me laugh - name your wifi network 'FBI Surveillance Van' and freak out the neighbors. Funny thing is, I hope that the FBI is smart enough to name their wi-fi networks something a little more subtle.

Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet Poster

Insanity: Doing The Same Thing (Albert Einstein Quote), motivational poster: High quality poster on durable paper. Size: 12 x 18 inches. Printed in the USA.

Party rock is in the street tonight!

Pregnancy Message Boards - Baby Forums

Snuffleupagus was one of my favorite Sesame Street characters! Find out other cool facts by tuning in to Sesame Street every weekday morning at

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Fists, never run out of ammo  | Mada Krav Maga in Shelby Township, MI teaches realistic hand to hand combat that uses the quickest methods to attack the weakest and most vital targets of both armed and unarmed assailants! Visit our website www.madakravmaga.com or call (586) 745-1171 for more details!

Funny pictures about Overly manly man on pain pills. Oh, and cool pics about Overly manly man on pain pills. Also, Overly manly man on pain pills.

Coloring level : Lazy

Coloring level : Lazy

coloring for lazy people :) - penguin already black and white, panda already black and white, zebra already black and white, snow already white - DONE!