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Chow chow dogs originated from mainland China, this dog earned the nickname the Lion Dog because its shape is similar to the male lion. It is estimated that this dog has been there since the year 150 BC, the palace is used as guard dogs and hunting friends. Besides fur, this dog has unique characteristics that his tongue is black / dark blue.

St. Bernard puppy with a look that would melt anyone's heart. Look at his paws! Noooo; he won't get big; not at all. hehe.

Love the milk chocolate patches on this adorable baby bullie.

AAAAWWWW...What a beautiful the tongue...:)

Hey! What are you doing there? Omg!!! I want this I need this dog!!! I just hope I don't crush it when I am cuddling it!!! He's so tiny and cute!!!

One day you'll own me. And we'll be best friends, and your name will be Sturgis. Sturgis Daniel Coker.

Awwwww! I can't wait till paradise so I can hug my panda who will sit in my yard eating bamboo all day :)

The Silkie Chicken is the lap dog of the chicken world, with many people owning them because of their docile temperament and amazingly soft & fluffy feathers. It looks like a living cotton ball when walking in your backyard. Some other peculiar attributes of the Silkie are that it has dark blue (almost black) skin, bones, and blue earlobes!

Marcia Cunha Cunha Cunha Cunha Cunha Talaski please, please you NEED this puppy. And you should name him Griswald. He looks like a little Gris.