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  • Jake Azrael

    too fucking true!!!!

  • Lolo

    Atheism, Religion, Satanism, God is Imaginary. I'm 110% sure I said atheist not Satanist. So stop acting like a jack ass and treating me like I'm going to start chanting any second.

  • Mary Brown

    I've yet to meet a friend of mine who is Atheist that worships Satan. Start respecting other religions and belief systems

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“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”- Stephen Roberts

Believe in anything you want. I couldn't care less. Just know that my intentions are just.

Exactly right. Atheists aren't "fighting against a god they don't think exists". Atheists are fighting against the believers of imaginary gods to prevent superstition from being forced onto them.

Lies! "According to a survey of members of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science, conducted by the Pew Research Center in May and June this year, a majority of scientists (51%) say they believe in God or a higher power, while 41% say they do not." articles.latimes....

LOL All of the Mardi Gras, none of the Lent.

Yes! I knew it was an acronym! Let us find a way to include Feminism and sexuality in here...

“If Daniel Dennett was right- that there is a human genetic need for religion- then I’d like to image that my atheism is proof of evolutionary biology in action.” –Adam Savage

Pick your battles. -

No matter what baloney your church tells you about atheists, there is only one thing that defines what an atheist is.

And don't even think of trying the old, "Yes, but he gave everyone free will!" excuse, because that just means that he's useless.

This is true especially when they say they absolutely believe in a talking snake because "god works in mysterious ways"...*sighs*