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Story of my life...

I am right handed so when I do my nails with my left hand it looks like a nail polish bomb exploded!

Yes I have checked the shower....though've I've always wondered why we would go towards the one place we expect a murderer to be. "OH! I think there may be a murderer in my shower. Let's look and see. *opens shower curtain* Why hello there man about to kill me. Did you decide to take a shower? Oh, don't mind me. I just need to pee. BRB."

Ummm yep, sometimes that is me at night. because there's TOTALLY a murderer lurking in the shower.

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Thick hair problems

YES! THICK HAIR PROBLEMS TO A T! So me though I just got new hair ties that are too small for my hair because they don't wrap around 3 times! Like, no can u not hair like stop


11 Ways You’re Forcing Him to Run

i can relate. USE & CREDDIT. (: found on Polyvore

I couldn't pass up sharing this fact of life. =D haha. I used to think this when my thighs were thin! Now, I don't wear shorts much!

The Hormone Guide for Men- Ultra Safe answer is always WINE! ;)

The first row and the last row are true. I suppose the last column (Ultra safe) would be too if I drank wine. Let's just change that whole column to "chocolate" instead of wine.

Omg exactly

Hahahahah I do all of them except the one and the last one.but I did the head nod thing! What about you guys?<---------I'm not number 12 either! And yes, I did the head nod

thats why people be staring when i'm on the treadmill... totally makes sense now

Oh How Pinteresting...

have to say I don't even feel like the top when I run. Made me laugh.I KNOW I look like the bottom picture!

i dont care who you are....this is so true.

I don't like spiders and snakes, but.act like a black belt when I walk into a spider web