• Joy Tenorio

    hee. My friends you will appreciate this. (I've actually made stuff on here, though)//I've recreated some of the quotes to print at work. Made the laundry detergent. And a couple other things. But boy am I inspired! :)

  • Lauren Bandow

    funny sayings-- so true...

  • Koshka

    true story

  • Shelly Cronen

    So funny. Although I have already made a few of the craft things so I'm off to a good start.

  • Helen Overland

    So true: pin-ter-est (n) A fun reminder of the clothes I will never afford/fit into, the home decor I will never afford/fit into our small home, the recipes and crafts I am too lazy to ever make, the sayings I wasn't clever enough to think of on my own, the photos I wish I had taken but didn't.

  • Miranda Parrott

    So true! I was just commenting about how lazy I must be because all of these pinterest things look like too much work for me :P.

  • Mariel Ancona Fowler

    truth hurts... bahahahaha

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