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ok, I'm weird, but I've always wanted to be a least for a 'lil bit(:

Didn't quite pull off a perfect wedding, but really who does. But my perfect wedding was looking into the eyes of the one I love and knowing that our lives became one.

Meet the Buried Life cast and thank them for asking the question to the world "What do you want to do before you die?"

Definitely a must... if it's not paint, use water, shaving cream, food, etc... it's fun to get messy and act playful. Just make sure to dress appropriately and bring a change of clothes/shoes.

This is one of my major life goals -- after all the NFL offices are there so I should be too!

With an unlimited amount of spending money. (Maybe that's more of a wish than something that I could actually do)

there is something so intriguing about boating, and this is just boating on steroids!

Smash a pie in someone's face. DONE to Kelle Stisser :)

Just sounds fun. I'd have to be pretty angry though...I can think of a couple of people I should have done this too already in life...

Hair... maybe one hour. Make up... probably the same. But making somone feel beautiful? PRICELESS