Great to use for groups! Assigning "jobs" with job descriptions on a necklace!

*FREEBIE* Use this simple tool to assign your students roles within their small cooperative learning groups. **These badges can be laminated, hole-punched and used as necklaces, taped onto tables or desks, or simply passed out to students prior to a group activity. Enjoy!**Common Core Aligned**

Music cues for the classroom-

Small group leadership & roles

super hero classroom ideas - Google Search

Literature Circles: This will become necessary to engage students in more purposeful discourse about narrative and expository texts as we implement CCSS.

Love this re-useable board for groups. To change groups, simply erase! Why have I not thought of this?

Use the bracelets for assigning students into teams for class projects. Or if you want random team assignment, put the bracelets in a paper bag and have students close their eyes and pick one.

If your a social worker check out this woman's blog. OMG she seems amazing. I love her ideas and what she does with her groups.

awesome group roles / jobs!

"The best way to learn is to teach." How cooperative learning is an effective form of group work in the classroom. Free poster template included!

Ways to use paint swatches in the classroom: Love the idea of using them to group students!

Classroom Management - have table captain for each table, practice responsibility skills!

Make this chart for book discussions with my class---both whole group and small group!

Corkboard Connections: Cooperative Learning - More Than Group Work - Learn the difference between cooperative learning and group work, as well as strategies for fostering effective team discussions.

I can see so many uses for blank puzzles in group or individual counseling

behavior board : When students do something good, pull out a stick with a number on it (1-100). When 10 numbers in a row are colored in, students get a reward. (do in smaller scale for different groups)

Give each student colored index cards/post-its for their work space. During independent work time or group work, the students use the cards. A teacher I used to work with put red cards on popsicle sticks at the student work centers & prompted them to hold it up when they needed help, rather than calling out. Her classroom was always so quiet!

By developing an in-depth understanding of noncompliant behavior, K-12 educators can help even the most troubled students learn to function cooperatively and re

Saving Sam - group work and problem solving activity