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Vespa seat - like it even better in red!

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Belybel out of Spain, puts you into the recycled driver's seat creating hip furniture from recycled transportation.

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a seat for everyone

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1960's Vespa Advertisement --my husband has a vespa in this exact color :)

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The five most daring laundry pegs ever seen.

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seats made of old belts... #diy #furniture i'm going to make my truck seat like this

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Flat Black Vespa Motor Scooter - Red Rims & Whitewalls...

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I know it's not a Car but had to just share - Vespa Headlight Desk Lamps

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Rob and I need this... even though he is usually the one who drives

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Creative Pet Stool by Eyal Hirsh #cat #red #yellow

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#amigurumi #crochet #riddinghood

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Herb Scissors..great idea

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love this cute booth seat - perfect for hiding away with a good book!