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Winter Bubble

Frozen Bubbles

Ice Bubbles

Next winter, if your area is below 32°, go outside and blow "ice bubbles" The kids will never forget it!!

Plastic Bottle

Science Experiment

No Helium Balloon

Party Idea

Fill Balloon

Diy Helium Balloon

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! i need to remember this!

Strength Bubble

Super Bubble

Unpoppable Bubble

Fun Stuff

Bubble Recipe

unpoppable bubbles

Diy Glow

Dark Bubbles

Camping Fun

Glow Bubbles

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Glow in the dark bubbles This will be expected in our next camping trip!

Busy Kids Happy Momfrom Busy Kids Happy Mom

Giant Bubble Recipe

Giant Bubbles

Summertime Kids Craft

Kids Happy

Bubble Recipes

Summer Fun

Happy Mom

Giant Bubble Recipe

Giant Bubble Recipe and directions. What a fun activity for the kids in the summer. #kids #bubbles #summer #fun

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Winter Crafts

Bubbles 32

Snow Bubbles

Frozen Bubbles

Education Kids Ideas

Bubbles Science

Snow day activity: Frozen bubbles

Glow Sticks


Science Experiments

Unit Glow

Stick Xylophone

Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them. Probably the coolest thing ever. - I need to see this

Human Bubble

Giant Bubbles

Hula Hoop

Party Idea

Summer Fun


human bubble!

Repelled Ants

Cinnamon Repelled



Outdoor Play

Knew Cinnamon


Cinnamon in the Sandbox - It keeps the bugs away! I knew cinnamon repelled ants... but I never thought of this! Brilliant! awesome pin

Fun Idea

Fun Activities

Summer Bucket Lists

Fun Stuff

Summer Activities

Summer Fun


Babysitting Ideas

How to make an air fort with kids- why didn't they have this when I was a kid- I want a repeat

Curblyfrom Curbly

Random But Cool: How to Make Bouncy Balls from Common Household Items!

Science Experiment

Bouncy Ball

Kid Craft

I am SO going to try this! // How to Make Bouncy Balls from Common Household Items #yayscience

Angela Kelly

Ice Bubble

Freezing Temperature

Frozen Bubbles

Soap Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles

How to: Make Frozen Bubbles

Batman Birthday

Action Figure

Party Idea


Frozen batman and them by squirting the ice with water guns or using plastic hammer to chisel

Backyard Swing

Kids Outdoor

Outdoor Play


Tire Swings

so much cooler than a tire swing and it wont collect water

Homemade Bubble

Bubble Refill

For The Kid

Good Idea

Bubble Recipe

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Fun Idea

Kid Fun

Ice Excavation

Excavating Dinosaurs

Summer Fun

Ice Block


Freeze dinosaurs in ice for "excavation"

Wtf Fun Fact

Bucket List

Science Experiment

Weird Facts

Ice Bubbles

Wtf Fact

Bubbles Wtf

Random Facts

Ice bubbles, WTF Fun Facts - We are so doing this this winter if it gets to below 32°.

Homemade Bubble Bath

Bath Paint

Bubble Baths

Kid Craft

Bubble Bath+ corn starch + food coloring = bath paint

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

Make Your Own Shapeable Ice Pack


Shapeable Ice

Food Coloring

Rubbing Alcohol

Parts Water

Homemade Ice Packs

I just heard about this at physical therapy! Homemade Ice packs: 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water, gets really cold, but never hardens so you can manipulate it. every athlete (or mom) should pin this!


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Summer Activity Idea List - indoor and outdoor activities