I loved Fashion Plates! my fav as a kid!!

Yep! I loved my Pound Puppy

Oh yes, I loved doing that!

My how things change

Loved mine

loved the viewmaster

I loved this thing

talk about neck candy...the bling every girl wanted!

My mom had these - and I loved playing with them!

A slinky, a slinky, it's a fun, it's a wonderful toy, It's fun for a girl and a boy.

Barbie Townhouse

Commodore 64. My Brother and I had one of these when they came out! I thought it was so cool. Now I have a cell phone with more memory-- 64K on a computer!? bawhaha! Love it!

http://kaizan28.hubpages.com/hub/10-great-childrens-toys-from-the-80s I totally forgot about this one!

Loved my jellies.

this thing!

My Sister Loved This!!!!!

Never have I loved any tennis shoe more than I loved my LA Gears!!

Loved the Smurfs


I loved this show when I was a kid! Lynda Carter was SO BEAUTIFUL! I think I was Wonder Woman for Halloween 3 years in a row!

I didn't have too many of their products, but boy did I adore Quints as a youngster. #1980s #1990s #retro #nostalgia