time out chair

Diy Kids Timeout Chairs

I'd do this but I'd put the saying in a frame and have it hanging on the wall about the time out chair!

idea: buy a photo album when you're child/grandchild is born and put $20 in each slot every month. when they graduate (high school or college), give them the photo album as a gift (20*52*18 = over $18000)

I made this cover for an air freshener can. My grandkids thought there were monsters in the basement. LOL It worked :)

Definitely need this it would makes bath time so much easier!!!

No more cluttered fridge. ♥ Change out as often as

Time out chair

Secret message bananas: write on them with toothpicks and as the day goes on message appears. I'm gonna do this.... right NOW!

I need this for my office!

Personalized letter for a kids' room

tooth fairy box...no more trying to find that ziplock bag under the pillow.

This has worked at our home for several years now. There is no yelling, there is no arguing. What you see is what you get!

chore sticks

This is AMAZING! Website of tons of little DIY gift ideas! Warning: May be addicting..

Stop the clock when your babies are born. A moment in time, changed forever.

Where were these ideas when the babies were tiny? Sweet... Early Graduation Gift For Baby ~ Do it at the end of each school year starting with kindergarten.

Pack-n-Go Kids Play Stove DIY Easy gift for your favorite little chef!!

Minnie Mouse Mobile (transformed from a yard sale Cozy Coupe)