Reused brick path

Idea for a Reclaimed Brick Path for the home and garden, love the faux chevron pattern, I'd Expand the path and paint the bricks alternating.

mis-matched pavers, bricks, stones make a mosaic-like patio. I like the patina of moss.

Mixed paving materials - I like how this looks, plus it makes repurposing easier! CT - note: Could get some pavers that match front walk and combine with other materials to tie both looks together. Definitely want the walk to be permeable.

Love the wooden garden path

(mm-side yard walkway to wood pile) wooden path with gravel – could make out of pallets…! @ DIY Home

This pathway is the perfect entry to any backyard.

25 Stunning Garden Paths

reused bricks | brick path with reclaimed bricks. Come on people! Lets reuse building ...

brick path with reclaimed bricks. Lets reuse building materials in creative ways like this - Garden Zine