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  • Isabel Coimbra

    I do not respect your religion. And I do not have to.follow for the best atheist posts on tumblr

  • Lolo

    Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Respect, Women, Bigotry, Sexism, Misogyny. No I do not respect your religious beliefs. I respect your right to have them. I respect your right to express them. I respect YOU so long as you respect ME... I do not respect ignorance, brainwashing, cults, hatred, bigotry, misogyny, sexism or tyranny. I do not respect your religion... and I don't have to.

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Religious people claim that it's just the 'fundamentalists' of each religion that cause problems...there's got to be something wrong with the religion itself if those who strictly adhere to its most fundamental principles are violent bigots and sexists.

I actually got told by 2 of my classmates I am going to burn in hell.. By the way they follow their "morals", I will be seeing them there as well

Ricky Gervais is just a never ending source of logic and awesome

I believe in equality, ergo, I can't respect your religion...because women are, you know, real.

miss these summer days in Paris where some distant neighbour played the sax, and every once in a while we would comment on how he was getting better

Profit vs Humanity. We allow too many things to #divide us, and too many people and #corporations to fan those flames.

For being such a rich world power our numbers kind of suck. That is what happens when all the focus of a nation becomes war and hate mongering, rather than growth and progress.

Religion shouldn't determine whether or not someone chooses to be a good a person.

(church is dead) every now and again i'll hear an atheist based argument.. that makes sense but is still advice for anyone explore religion in privacy or among friends...I'm non-serious/comical on purpose when I speak about religion...because while i'm still truthful...I'm not really looking to make any one around me or anywhere else a peer...I wasn't really trying to convert you....however you could of still learned something.

Atheism, Religion, Islam, Christianity, Westboro Baptist Church, Buddhism, God is Imaginary, Death, Murder, Religion Harms, Homosexuality, LGBTQIA, Bigotry, Homophobia, Civil Rights, Equal Rights, Gay Rights, Separation of Church and States, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion, Forcing Religion on Others. ...You just described every religion in the history of the world. You essentially just said that any and all religious people should be monitored... closely.