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  • Margot Williams

    Problem Areas from the folks who brought you “Cankles” and the “Muffin Top”… I, for one, need to work on my bieber knees and jazz hams if I want to look good in a bikini this summer.

  • Nicky Nargesian

    Gemma Correll ilovecharts: Problem Areas This week: Palm Reading for Millennials

  • Ashley Stimley

    Jazz Hams!!! Hy shit I love it! Four Eyes Comic Strip

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1st World Problems... hahahaha, I've actually thought at least 3 of these things this week.

Y por eso siempre le digo a michelle que los jueguitos son para niños y papá no puede subirse

Sky Cats for Open Skies - The Design Issue | Gemma Correll's Drawings of Things.

Monday Punday. Your purpose, Mr Potato, is to be made into delicious chips so that I can eat you and all of your friends.

I was really hating this post until I finished reading it. :3

Gemma Correll - Running (What I Look Like When Exercising)

"Non-professional wrestlers," a Four Eyes comic by Gemma Correll

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