Get it? The response sign was cut out with the exacto knife? That's pretty funny stuff. 😊

10 of the Most Hilarious Parking Notes Ever Left! This post is hilarious! #spon #lol #badparking

I laughed so hard!

Dora's questions were really hard today...

Watch out for jellydicks! OMG I was laughing so hard.

I shouldn't laugh.

Expectation vs reality. LOL!!!

why did i laugh so hard at this?!

Teachers Who Got the Last Laugh

lol i laughed too hard

I laughed too hard at this...

I am still laughing!

I'm dying


I just died.

This made me laugh...

We've already decided we are gathering our parents to show them this cake! But the text messages are hilarious!!!!!!

I can't stop laughing!!

Laughed soooo freaking hard