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Burberry Long Leather Detail Gabardine Trench Coat - every single time I see trench coat it remind me of Castiel..... But, really, the look of this one is amazing

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É oficial: tá muito frio! E dessa vez acho que o inverno está generalizado no Brasil todo, então esse post pode ser últil huhu É que se tem um item fashion que me lembra ao frio é o: trench coat! Ok, tem o casaco de moleton, a jaquetinha de couro, mas acho o trench coat […]

Ok guys. So today I wore my 'Castiel' trench coat to the zoo. And I was sitting on a bench alone because my parents were at the lion thingy. And then this girl walked past wearing a red plaid shirt over a grey singlet and I said "Dean?" out loud.Louder than I meant to and she just stopped and stared at me and raced in and hugged me and whispered "Castiel" and all I could say was "why are you squeezing me with your body?" and I JUST CANT<<<< this omg XD<<<<OMG THIS COMMENT!!