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  • Julie Bright

    Frozen Fruit Cubes. 1. Wash Clean Fruit: Remove seeds/skin for necessary fruits. 2. Chop. Dice. 3. Fill ice trays with water. 3. Place desired fruits into trays. Make sure each cube is filled and excess water is removed. 4. Freeze and Enjoy! This doesn’t change the taste, freshness or the nutritional value of the fruit you freeze. So enjoy it in your favorite smoothie, juice, and even alcoholic beverages ;) CHEERS!

  • Iron Dog Fitness Personal Training

    Fruit flavored Ice Cubes. Make some juice out of some of your favorite fruits, like blended strawberries, oranges, grapes, lime and add just a little water to the juice to make a bunch of cubes and pour in ice tray to freeze over night. Now you have a vitamin, fiber and antioxidant loaded set of ice cubes to add to your water :D Try it out!

  • n.s.s.

    Infused ice cubes.

  • Christine Diaz

    Momma Goose and Gaggle: Fruit Infused Water

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