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  • Sebastian Kent

    To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. No one actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click "I Agree".

  • Aubrey Antles

    This is so true of many christians. We profess to be active believers, and then we don't even read the bible to grow in our faith! We just say we agree and then go right on living like the world. We need to stand up for what we believe, and READ OUR BIBLES, instead of letting them sit on our bookshelves collecting dust! While it is hard to take time out of every day to read, it's not impossible. Take the time. Grow. And tell the world.

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Christians not only make this stuff...they BUY it!

Agnostic doesn't mean "undecided"; it simply acknowledges that you don't know / can't prove what you believe. You can be a Christian agnostic, an atheist agnostic, etc.

At 2010 Chicago Pride, a Christian group did not protest the celebration, but instead told all that were there "sorry" for the way that Christians and churches treat the gay community. This is how true Christians should act: love one another. This is truly inspiring and a step in the right direction.

according to biblical morality - wtf? how can you not expect judgement for being so stupid? wow

You didn't bring water or blankets?

It's impossible to live without failing at something.

“Meditation Lesson 1, Part 14 – Chenrezig Tantric Empowerment” -

Yeah, it's funny how those Big Foot followers *know* all about Sasquatch when they don't have any proof... says the Christian

This one sign explains exactly why god's love is conditional.

ENORMOUS info graphic showing contradictions in the bible