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      "About the size of a plump starling and even smaller than a puffin, the little auk has a tiny bill and a bull-like head on a compact body. it is the most abundant of auks and is known to breed in the high Arctic." Wildlife of the North Atlantic;

    • Mag Sands

      Little Auk. They live in the high arctic in thousands lay eggs on sticks in shelter of rocks or cave.


      Little Auk, Arctic Dont hold back on flying. Let your dreams soar

    • Ellie Meehan

      Little Artic Auks. It breeds on islands in the high Arctic

    • Craig Howat

      Little Auk. They live in the high arctic in thousands

    • Donna Whitney

      Little Auk - photo by Edvard Wendelin, via Flickr

    • Michelle Erica Green

      Little Auk by Edvard Wendelin on Flickr

    • Vickie Bowie

      Little Auk (photo by sophie’s corner)

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