Homemade cardboard traffic light-great for playing cars!

Traffic Light Bean Bag Toss. this could be a center during transportation unit. kids could use tallies to record the number of times they got green, yellow, red

A bunch of activities for a preschool transportation unit. This will make it fun for EVERYONE!!

stop light fruit skewers- Birthday Bike Bash; use green grapes instead

Help Policeman Ben direct traffic by making your own traffic signs! #policemanben #theworkers

Preschool Transportation craft - better explanation (fine motor activity - tear off pieces), also more explanation of other activities done for transportation unit

Stoplight Brownies | Vicky Barone | race car birthday party ideas

Traffic Light Graham Cracker Snacks - perfect for preschool transportation unit or car themed birthday party! www.TheSeasonedMom.com

printable stop light to monitor classroom noise. Red=no talking Yellow=Whisper (shoulder partners) Green=Talking softly or whole class voice

quiet book-for colors #GaleriAkal Untuk berbagi ide dan kreasi seru si Kecil lainnya, yuk kunjungi website Galeri Akal di www.galeriakal.com Mam!

A Not So Wimpy Teacher's Behavior Management Manual: Primary daily Report: Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light-STOP!

How to make a traffic light out of cardboard boxes for pretend play...love this. Also how to make cardboard car, gas tank, etc. Fun site.

stop light fruit for transportation party

how to write a paragraph--blog shows more great pictures.

Beep beep, Vroom vroom, Choo choo - Nathan is turning TWO | CatchMyParty.com

Celery and Peppers Traffic Light Snack!!! Made with celery...red, yellow, and green peppers...and cream cheese!! #YUM

Transportation theme - usew clear contact paper for backing instead of white construction paper to make a window cling

Stop Light Paragraph Writing- Teaching lower grades to write an informational paragraph.

Ticket out the door - stoplight self-assessment. Can you teach someone else how to do what we did in class today?

"Cars" Party Decor - "STOP! Party Time!" Stoplight made of construction paper, stapled onto a wrapping paper tube.

Our sweet former nanny brought these delicious brownies to my youngest's birthday party a few weeks ago. How cute is it that they look like little traffic lights? They went perfectly with the race ...