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    Land of the free, because of the brave!


    An Islamic Terrorist Plot To Murder Boston Ma Police Officers Took Place Yesterday On 6-2-2015 and Was Put Down, Now We Are Going To Send All Terroists Straight To Hell To Meet Their Maker Satan Here In New England---God Bless America!!

    One thing you will NEVER, EVER forget? Being on a commercial flight, & crew makes announcement it is their HONOR to be a part of escorting a fallen soldier home. They ask after landing, that everyone remain seated while the military escort team deboards. Of course, during this time, the plane is SILENT, except for the sound of the coffin being unloaded from the cargo hold. I DARE you not to cry. Pray for our heros and their families. Thank you.

    ALL branches of our military are strong, brave, faithful and necessary to the mission! They All stand ready to lay their lives down for our freedoms! They ALL deserve our honor and respect! They certainly have mine!

    Freedom is not free.

    The Brave, The Strong, The Loyal, The Committed, The Courageous #USMilitary -

    Remember the reason for Memorial Day. Thank a gold-star family, remember a veteran in your life, honor the brave who paid the ultimate sacrifice. -

    God bless our soldiers ...

    Thank you for your service!..j

    Support our troops...Veterans

    Sacrifices like this are made every day. So, may we all be reminded, that our FREEDOM comes with a cost, and the brave men and women of our military and their families are paying it. To the volunteer Soldiers of the United States of America and their loved ones—who each do their part in making untold sacrifices for the cause of liberty—THANK YOU!


    A Marine

    God bless our soldiers.


    Veteran's Day

    Military Strong, Military Proud, God Bless America!

    Amen military 1 FB

    Everyday, every time the opportunity presents! Thank you to all the heroes who have/are serving our country! God bless America!!!