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    Homemade Scar Removal

    by Jody Braverman
    Scars can be troublesome. Whether you've gotten one from an accident, illness or acne, scars are a constant reminder of imperfection. They can also have lasting effects on you that extend beyond the depth of your skin. You could pay thousands of dollars for invasive surgical procedures, or you can t...
    • Danielle Smith

      Homemade Scar Removal SCAR TREATMENT WITH ALOE VERA Step 1 Obtain fresh aloe vera from the plant or either a bottle of aloe vera gel. Step 2 Apply liberally to the scar, massaging into the area for five to 10 minutes. Step 3 Repeat three times daily until the scar appears less visible. SCAR TREATMENT WITH VITAMIN E Step 1 Purchase Vitamin E capsules. Step 2 Break a capsule apart or pierce it with a straight pin. Apply the oil directly to the scar. Step 3 Massage the area for 5 to 10 minutes. Step 4 Apply at least three times a day. SCAR TREATMENT WITH LEMON JUICE Step 1 Cut a lemon in half with a knife. Step 2 Rub one half on the scar for two minutes. Continue to massage the juice into the scar for five to 10 minutes. Step 3 Rinse the area. Pat dry. Step 4 Apply a moisturizer, such as shea or cocoa butter. THINGS YOU'LL NEED Aloe Lemon juice Vitamin E Straight pin Knife

    • Christy Nijjer

      Acne treatment

    • Kay O'Hara

      The aloe plant has been a lifesaver in my home!

    • Cherry Rose Jakosalem

      Natural Ways to Fade Acne Scars

    • Sabryna Ellingson

      Natural Remedies to Even Skin Tone

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