Marius Jean Antonin Mercié - French (1845-1916) ~ Le Souvenir or Artemis dreaming 1885 / Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Bernini - he could make stone look like a transparent veil

Dead Christ Lying in the Shroud by Giuseppe Sanmartino Italy 1753

A sculpture by Antonio Canova depicting Eros reviving Psyche, who was put to sleep forever by inhaling a magic perfume. 1793. Louvre, Paris. I remember my art history professor saying this sculpture is more powerful because their lips are NOT touching! The energy created in that space is electrifying!

Angel's face close-up ~ lovely!



Persephone...... Death and the Maiden Amazing and subtle sculpting of the female form.

stone lace

♥ Jesus - Bernini (1598-1680)

~Sleeping Beauty, 1878 ~ Ludwig Sussmann Hellborn (German sculptor, painter, 1828-1908) Not technically an angel ... but close enough for now.

chateauxdanslair: csebastian: Raffaelle Monti I think veiled sculpture is pretty amazing. // risely-evan:tobia:(via boyhood) (via pukebileforever-deactivated2009)

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A pleurant (French) or "weeper" (in English) statue that was meant to mourn eternally at grave of a loved one. Verano Monumental Cemetery, Rome, Italy.

Bathsheba. Clay for bronze...and hopefully marble if I find the right patron to fund it.

Beautiful and Stunning by Staglieno

By Gaylord Ho. Such beautiful lines. You don't see evidence of The Golden Triangle as often in sculpture.

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Beautiful Marble