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1863 Victorian

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1860s Out Door Dress | There are four kinds of coats which the Victorian gentleman must have: a morning coat, a frock coat, a dress coat, and an overcoat.

Victorian Daguerreotype

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Young Woman

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A Young

Lovely Young

1850's Daguerreotype, young lady in evening dress & lace gloves. Check out her hairdo.

1880 Fabulous

Fabulous Dress

Portrait 1880

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1880 Repinned

1880 Vintage

Vintage Lady


Russell 1860

Lillian Russell

Lily And Lillian

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Russell American

1890 American

Lillian Russell - American actress and singer. She became one of the most famous actresses and singers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known for her beauty and style, as well as for her voice and stage presence - @~Mlle

1885 Photographed

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Richard Grant White (1822-1885) photographed by MATHEW BRADY. Drama and music critic, author, authority on Shakespeare and father of architect STANFORD WHITE.

1880 England

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1880 Morning

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Morning Dress

Circa 1880

1880 Morning Coat and Vest Place: England Costume/clothing principle attire/upper body, Wool twill with wool braid trim


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Man’s Tailcoat. Probably England, 1825-1830.

Coat 1845

Supplementary Warp

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Suit 1845

County Museum

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Man's Frock Coat | Collections Online

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Man in frock coat with plaid vest, 1855. from Karl Kohler's Kostumewerk

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According to “The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette,” the first rule of guidance for the 1860s Victorian gentleman in matters of clothing is, "Let the dress suit the occasion." It is advised that it is just as absurd for a man to go into the street in the morning with his dress coat, white kid gloves, and dancing boots, as it is for a lady to promenade the fashionable streets in full evening dress.

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Overcoat 1850

Frock Overcoat

Beige Frock

Men's Frock Coat 1860, American, Made of wool

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Frock coat


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Mens Victorian Costume and Clothing Guide- How to dress like a Victorian gentlemen #victorian

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Fashion History | 1860s: Men's Victorian Clothing [April 18, 1868]

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England 1790

Coat England

Regency England

18Th Century England

Origin England

Coat 1790

1790 Wool

Museum 1790

Museum 34

Frock Coat 1790 The Victoria & Albert Museum

Maurice Barrymore

Barrymore 1890

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore Dynasty

Barrymore Family

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Frock coat - A frock coat is a man's coat characterised by knee-length skirts all around the base, popular during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. The double-breasted style is sometimes called a Prince Albert (after the consort to Queen Victoria). The frock coat is a fitted, long-sleeved coat with a centre vent at the back, and some features unusual in post-Victorian dress

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1870S Mens

Suits change for a rich man- while not as elaborate as ornate as the female counter parts men at Rochester's party certainly would have brought a sizable trunk of clothes.

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1880 Men's Clothing Styles of late Victorian overcoats are featured in this plate from 1882. The styles represented are known by different names, such as the Albert, Coaching, and Newmarket and were popular for many years, the principal changes in their shapes being in the length of waist.