This is the coolest thing I have EVER seen!!!! I am making a million of these right now!

How to transfer a photo onto a slab of wood | #DIY

Mason jar photo frame.

IMG 8486 Do It Yourself Candle Image Transfers! Perfect for Mothers Day!

So many photo transfer ideas! Great tutorial

Crayon Art... now this is even cooler than the other kind of crayon art! #art #crafts #project #crayons

how to transfer a photocopy picture onto canvas

transfer images to canvas, pillows, or furniture.

Transferring pictures to tiles by using Nail Polish Remover. This is freaking ingenious!!! ... Christmas gift!

Wood with fabric crosses.

WARNING!!! a million DIY projects :) This website is as addicting as Pinterest. Great site!...There are definitely some cute things here! Come back to later

I had NO idea this was possible! Easy way to transfer ink from paper onto wood for a homemade sign.

I am SO making these! Rugs in any shape, size, fabric you want! Very clever.

DIY Wood Picture Block Mod Podge, wood, ribbon, EASY. SohoSonnet Creative Living

Making an ottoman out of an old tire.

Need to make this.

How to transfer a photo to wood to create beautiful rustic wall art. #DIY

Christmas presents for kids...what a terrific idea! My mom and I used to make our own "new" crayons after I had practically used all my down to nothing. Oh, the memories!

She Puts a Normal Photo onto A Block Of Wood And Leaves It To Dry, What It Becomes Will Amaze You