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  • Qadira Stewart

    Burning calories to lose weight and excersize all in terms of jumping jacks

  • S C

    I only pinned bc the math is wrong. It would take 7000 jumping jacks! Not 1000. Thats 10 sets of 700! Weight loss is not easy, make sure the facts are straight before you post these work out memes. It's discouraging and misleading for ppl really trying to lose weight.

  • Rebecca Vazquez

    Jumping jacks?! Really!? It's worth trying haha #exercise #jumpingjacks #getfit

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Pinning even though they misspelled losing twice and that makes my eye twitch.

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i aspire to such abs... i fear i would have to give up food though and that = mean Whitney...

Found this on an inspirational fitness site. Plenty of hints, tips and motivational stories

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Probably the best weight loss program in the world! Love it! NO risk :-)

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need to remember this when i reach for the snooze button every morning