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No more running with headphone cords!

Wear your music on the wrist with MP3 Player Creative

This is such an amazing idea. I've already thought of two things it might be useful for: a) No headphone cords when running. b) No headphone cords if you fall asleep (just in case they get wrapped around your neck)

5k training- September will come way too fast!

The Restless Runner: Couch to Running Plan -- Maybe I'll start running when I'm That's in a month?

Le signal lumineux se cale sur la lunette arrière pour vous permettre de communiquer votre humeur à travers 52 smileys et textes différents.

~I want one!~ This goes on your back windshield & you have a control upfront that lets you send messages to people behind you. there are 16 different messages. Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign

iDoorCam. . It's WiFi-enabled, and contains a button, day- and night-vision camera, microphone, speaker, and motion sensor, letting you see and communicate with whoever rings your door. It pairs with an included iOS app, letting you monitor your door from inside your home, at the office, or away on vacation, so you can choose whether to interact, or just let it ring.

Too lazy to see who just rang your doorbell ? Now there is the iDoorCam. The Door bell of the future. It hooks up to your homes wifi networ

Best Latest Technology: The color rings is wireless...best way in cell phone communication

Best Latest Technology: The color rings is wireless.best way in cell phone communication (Wearable Tech)

iPhone with large camera lens for photographers. Cool! #geek #gadgets www.usbidi.com

Complete Camera Smartphone Concepts

Complete Camera Smartphone Concepts The 'iPhone Pro' Turns Apple to High Quality Captures

Designer Todd Hamilton shows us what the iWatch could be.

Designer Todd Hamilton shows us what the iWatch could be. These could be the future of maintaining our health from Teen Age Years through our Golden Age!