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28 ilustrações como pôsteres de filmes sensacionais


French graphic designer Flore Maquin recreates famous digital movie posters. For this, she draws digital portraits depicting main characters such as Django or Mia Wallace and works also on the typography. Here you can find a selection of these creative posters.

Recomposed Classic Movie Posters

Très joli travail de redesign d’affiches de films de la part de la Lyonnaise Flore Maquin ! Flore Maquin is a French artist fond of movies, who redesigned a bunch of movie posters with talent…

Actors and their iconic roles. I LOVE the Harry Potter one!!

Actors and their iconic roles

Funny pictures about Actors in their most famous roles. Oh, and cool pics about Actors in their most famous roles. Also, Actors in their most famous roles photos.

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My favorite movie is the "The Darkknight". I have always been a fan of the Batman comic books series. When I saw the movie "The Darknight". I could not get over how close the movie came to the storylines in the comic books.

「索 多 瑪 一 百 二 十 天」的圖片搜尋結果

「索 多 瑪 一 百 二 十 天」的圖片搜尋結果