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shabby chic

Rustic white door with beautiful details. Photography by Pia Jane Bijkerk.

White door by Pia Jane Bijkerk. Great texture.

rustic . white . antique . door

My soemday front door

old and beautiful doors


beautiful door!

white door <3

Yellow Door Single Serving Pie in Mason Jars party hat cuteness place setting idea

iron door detail

Soft aqua doors - love the scroll details and the worn wood. This would make a nice screen or wall hanging.

I would love vintage looking blue doors as my front doors!

This will be my front doors eventually=D maybe..

love the old doors and stone work

Beautiful find, I love old doors

lovely rustic doors...

Beautiful doors ! ♥

French Doors

There's something about old doors/windows/mirrors in a garden...


European Blue Door/Balcony - would like this as doorway with top and columns on side

Tiffany blue door & gorgeous ornate architecture

Turquoise #doors windows a look into the

Baroque french doors in Tiffany blue

Beautiful aqua door + balcony

Tiffany Blue balcony doors

Tiffany Blue door

teal door

As I wind down on my 31 Days of Blue postings I had to include one more post on wonderful blue doorways, windows, etc...anything that you can look through... enhanced with blue! Enjoy! (Merci': New York Social Diary) (Merci': PlacesI'dLiketoVisit) (Merci': (Merci': (Merci': (Merci': (Merci' (Merci': Old Italian Door (Merci': (Merci': (Merci' (Merci': (Merci': Virginia Stevenson) (Merci': Pinterest) (Merci': Kathryn Ireland's French Country Home) (New Orleans as seen through the eyes of Mademoiselle Angie who took this picture on her recent visit- Merci' Mon Ami!! Just love it!!) White on old cottage window with lead glass panes that I found and hung as wall Art! (Merci': Favorite Places and Spaces) I LOVE this door!  (Merci': (Merci': House of (Merci': pinterest) Circa mid 1700's in a Williamsburg, Virginia historic home. One of my favorite blue "door and window" pictures! Taken years ago in the first playhouse we built for our daughter as she sits outside with her friend Charlotte ready to tend to her garden!

Versailles detail

Classical Architecture Detail, Antique Door Lock & Latch, #DoorKnob on carved panel door. Elegant #TraditionalHome Style.

Love this vintage door #Green Collections|

Beautiful door detail - ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Shabby Chic

All the beautiful carved wood detail, door knobs etc

A Lovely White Door within an English Cottage

beautiful door details from versailles

French door, beautiful details..

vintage door lock ... love this!

Any room that has a lot of open bookcases is best painted in white or pale shades and with similar paleness in furniture. Since books come in all shapes, colors and sizes it is easy for a space to feel overwhelming if you don't tone it down with the objects and space surrounding them. Click here to download Wow Door #Doors Click here to download emerald green and black houndstooth home decor pillow case. $46.00, via Etsy. Click here to download old doors Click here to download Love this vintage door lock Click here to download


#Doorway into Passion. Green doors are suitable for an east, southeast or south door. The #door is seen as the Mouth of Qi. Windows are seen as the Eyes. #Feng Shui so very beautiful

Love the green door, such a contrast to the red flowers and vines growing on the house.

great color painted brick and mint door and accessories

Green Door - Red Flowers - ALANGOO Beautiful Doors

behind the green door Love the red flowers!

Red Flowers and Green Door Provence, France

Living wall with green door

Red Vines & Green Door

Click here to download Beautiful Green Door Click here to download emerald drapes #coloroftheyear Click here to download green door, red wall. absolutely fantastic. Click here to download mint door. Love it! Click here to download

Wisteria with Green Door

#frontdoor #entry What a fabulous colour combination - this door would certainly stop me in my tracks so I could just stare & absorb!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Paint your front door a bold color to give people a little insight into your personality, and a sneak peek of what your interior holds. TIPS on PICKING THE RIGHT HUE + PAINTING. #green #door

This reminds me of my neighbors front door, now I think she should paint her garden gate to match since she has Wisteria around it. ~~ Love how the color of the door matches the greenery above

How about a green door? Green is always a great choice for the front door since it's a color that is said to represent balance, peace, compassion, growth, renewal, and harmony.

Puerta Germagno, Piamonte, Italia - love the color, that would make a beautiful front door!

wisteria door

knock knock

Most doors are hopelessly mundane, but they don’t have to be; they can also serve as meaningful symbols of portals between worlds or between different aspects of our lives. When we set out to create a list of beautiful doors around the world, we were surprised to find just how many truly amazing doors there …

Beautiful Green Door Click here to download door Click here to download Beautiful door Click here to download door Click here to download

egyptian doors....

Egyptian Door- If I ever build my own house this is my front door idea!

Egyptian Door. I want this awesome door for my own art studio.

Egyptian Door , algo que me encanta!!! puertas!!!

Egyptian Door (Source: Flickr / maniwot)

Egyptian Doors - Amazing Detail...

doors egypt | Egyptian Door

A beautiful Egyptian door!

Egyptian entrance.

Egyptian Doorway


This is a green glass door. Rabbits can enter, while Frogs can not.

Green glass door panels #bluedivagal

The game is in the name and the name is green glass door...

Beautiful doors....I would so have these as front doors!

Beautiful Green Glass doors


Doors- windows to soul

Blue Click here to download Green garden door, via @Whitney Rutherford Click here to download Green Vintage Doors Click here to download green door.... Click here to download Old door Click here to download

Green doors in the French Quarter Click here to download . Click here to download green glass Click here to download Cute wedges. Click here to download Doors. Click here to download

So nice.

Very nice #doors #windows sliding doors, entrance door, door hardware, pivot doors, french windows and doors, double height windows, wall to wall glazing, bay windows, wooden doors, barn doors, glass doors, #interiordesign

#Doorway into the Love of Art Nouveau #doors

ThanksBeautiful Art Nouveau doors awesome pin

Art Nouveau doors ..rh.... so luv these doors

Beautiful door. Art Nouveau tulips

Gorgeous doors in perfect colours

Ornate door - Art Nouveau

love these amazing doors

Porte Art nouveau

Love the tree

Could you adapt this for our front door screen door? It would match the gate! The Most Amazing Door I wish the link worked..

blue doors are sort of a fixation of TREE door? fuggeddabowdit.

This looks like a door/gate I saw in Paris. Love it!

#doors #frontdoor #door #nancarrowrealtygroup

Beautiful teal blue door...amazing door.

andre houot tree door & windows

Kick-ass front door / windows!

beautiful doors.


door hardware

I grew up with a door lock and key similar to this and I want one now. Skeleton key on a key chain is kinda cool looking. door hardware detail

Keys, door knobs and hardware. A great conglomeration of Aunt Clara goodness...

Charming skeleton key and lock at Southern Accents in Cullman.

It's found in the detail... It's all about the skeleton key..

Old Keys ♥ #bluedivagal,

Keys, door knobs and hardware. Why? I dunno.....

key and a secret garden!!

Door Knocker and old key



.love all different kinds of beautiful doors...dreaming about what is on the other side

Door at Nidarosdomen in Trondheim, Norway. Somehow reminds me of LOTR.

Nidaros Cathedral - Trondheim, Norway

Amazingly beautiful old door

Beautiful medieval door

ornate door, #grey

beautiful doorway

Trondheim, Norway

Gray door

An ancient and typically lavish wood-carved doorway in Kathmandu town, Katmandu Valley, Nepal.

An ancient and typically lavish wood-carved doorway in Kathmandu town, Katmandu Valley, Nepal. This would be an awesome front door!

An ancient and typically lavish wood-carved doorway in Kathmandu town, Katmandu Valley, Nepal. 000<3

An ancient and typically lavish wood-carved doorway in Kathmandu town, Katmandu Valley, Nepal. @bluedivagal

An ancient and typically lavish wood-carved doorway in Kathmandu town, Katmandu Valley, Nepal. Similar to the tau symbol, and Norse "iminsul"

An ancient and typically lavish wood-carved doorway in Kathmandu town, Katmandu Valley, Nepal....would love to have this door for my Pooja room....

An ancient and lavish wood-carved doorway in Kathmandu town, Katnamdu valley, Nepal from Nepal Pictures,

old doors, ancient door | Kathmandu town, Katmandu Valley, Nepal.

Ancient wood carved door in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Doors, entrances ...... Khathmandu, Nepal

red door

This terracotta red barn door meets its complementary colour green as grass. The light brown wood looks natural and the green and red leaves are enhancing the red door and green grass. See that green leave? And the reddish rusty metal above the door? It is always charming when colours repeat themselves elsewhere in pictures in just a little bit different intensity. Like in hear a melody repeating itself to allow us to recognize it and sing along. Or like in a poem with rhyme.

"Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself." --=Chinese proverb

Chinese proverb. Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself.

Love the old red door, with remnants & colors of Fall~❥ #barn #rustic #door

Your teacher can open the door ... Chinese Proverb

THE DOOR. to the secret garden. :)

old red doors | Old red barn door

beautiful door

Doors, Windows and Portals by acinorev on


These blue doors in Paris would be great transported to my non-existent old church-converted home as the front doors. #amazing

Lately I've been compelled to pin turquoise doors but just now it struck me that my my first childhood home had a turquoise front door. 3WD

Image via Lula-Belle Boutique on facebook. #Teal #Doors #Architecture #Design #Travel #Blue #Door

A blue door in Paris~ the door from the cover of French Essence.

A blue door in Paris. I LOVE beautiful doors!

teal doors for the front door?

Turquoise doors: front door

Knock knock..

Double doors


Beautiful doors! I like that they had a person pose in front so the viewer gets an idea as to the size of the doors and archway

Gorgeous! I like how they posed a person in the photo to show how massive the doors and arch are <3

What a beautiful door and entrance... perfect dream house castle front door. :)

Donato Giancola, The Great Portal - Wooden carved door.

Incredible door ~ #windows and doors

amazing door - location unknown

huge wood door

Massive doors

Оригинал взят у vip_arhitektor в Двери и порталы: от готики до современных     San Francisco - Nob Hill: Grace Cathedral - Ghiberti Doors The Ghiberti Doors, also known as the Gates of Paradise, are a copy of the doors of the east portal…

Carved Door - Palais du Louvre 17th Cen France

Beautiful Hand Carved Wood Door - Palais du Louvre 17th Cen France. Black Millwork Co in Allendale, NJ has friendly and knowledgeable doors specialists that will walk you through our beautiful doors showroom (not shown in the image) in Allendale, NJ, while answering any questions and concerns for your home or commercial residence's remodel or new construction.

Beautiful Hand Carved Wood Door - Palais du Louvre 17th Cen France - 3346HC

Wood craving wonders Beautiful Hand Carved Wood Door - Palais du Louvre 17th Cen France - 3346HC

Beautiful Hand Carved Wood Door at Palais du Louvre

Antique Designed ~ French doors

antique Italian doors -

Period Doors | Antique Doors | Historic Design Doors

Custom Doors | Historic Doors | French Design Doors

fabulous door#

pale pink door - usually not a fan of anything pink, but the door just looks so gorgeous!

This has to be one of the most beautiful pink doors in the world~~~

love...another pink door!! Note the stuff on the door before paint!

beautiful pink door, love the stairs are tealish too

Beautiful ornate door! Love doors...

Knock.... - Knock, Who's there?

Beautiful door!

Pink door Click here to download Download whole gallery Green Door Click here to download Download whole gallery Old Door Click here to download Download whole gallery

love this green leaf pattern by Sarah Campbell for West Elm // wing chair #green #chair Click here to download Green door! Click here to download Pink door Click here to download Tangier, Morocco- inspiration for a front door color Click here to download

Beautiful doors

BEYOND THE DOOR Doors. Have you ever taken the time to stop and really appreciate a door? You can refer to the process as “being in the moment,” or “taking time to smell the roses or see the door.” Doors are fascinating! They are everywhere. The size of a door varies. They can be very tall and elegant, sleek and modern, normal size, slender/narrow, and be single or double doors. More at:

Mexican door. Orange, yellow and blue. Cactus at a side. ~ Claire ~ #mexico #yucatan

Old Colorful Rustic Door in Mexico via #RoyaleLighting

Colorful Doors - Mexico

Colorful Mexican doors

Colourful painted door

Front door? Yes?

Beautiful door.

Mexico - doors

sometimes the closed doors in life can end up being a beautiful thing...

Rustic teal door #COTM Just the color I want to paint my front door.....well. maybe a bit lighter

Beautiful door & Hinges, paint and add hinges to front door

ocean blue door with carriage house styled iron details

beautiful door, color, and iron detail

turquoise arched door , i love!

Front door color??

Pretty door color

Turquoise door

Love this window seat and the shelving/drawers Click here to download Love this door Click here to download #green door Click here to download Front doors Click here to download

Indigo Entry

A beautiful blue door with whirlygigs (looking at this gorgeousness, I suddenly felt the need to use that word :-D).

Iron scroll work adds texture and design to this beautiful blue door.

Blue door, swirls. Love.awesome garden gate.

#Beautiful #Blue #Front_door

Color - Blue: door

Pretty blue door

Beautiful door.

Knock Knock

porte bleue