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  • Reymundo Emmerich

    love the #3d book cover #book cover #cover book #book

  • Moire Studios

    Perspective shadow. Graphic Design Inspiration of the Week // Introducing @moirestudiosjkt a thriving website and graphic design studio. Feel Free to Follow us @moirestudiosjkt to see more #remarkable pins like this. #poster #advertisingDesign #graphicDesign

  • Ron Jian

    Graphic Poster Design

  • Cheeva Booranathai

    Perspective shadow / Poster Design #graphic #design

  • Pooja Somaiya

    summer night event poster

  • The Lazy Cicada

    #events #poster #design #summer

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I really like the hand written script on this image. I think the editing of the image onto a colored background is a cool idea and would be cool for a personal yearbook.

Josef Muller-Brockmann, exhibition poster, 1960. His exhibition poster “der Film” demonstrates the universal design harmony achieved by mathematical spatial division. The proportions are close to the three-to-five ratio of the golden mean.

Designer: Christopher Paul Looks like the combined style of Yip Ho and Nathan Romero

I like this play with negative space... maybe have a fun photo booth with hanging sheets for people to ¨play¨in the pictures

gradients, text on staircase, text in corners, distorted type, geometric sans serif font

Diálogos (Arte de Diseño de Valencia) vía @Wences Sanz

The horizontal asymmetry brings ambivalence to the design, yet is balanced as it its placed in the very center of the space. The block type in both halves portraits the ideas and feelings of the person. I appreciate the contrast of cool and warm colors in order to reinforce the message.

like the two tone photo effect with simple abstract shapes in contrasting pop of color