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    Pressure Points to Lose Weight

    Sometimes don't you wish we came with a RESET button like a video game? We DO! Did you know that this point between your upper lip and your nose (GV 26) will help to relieve UNCONSCIOUSNESS? It will also reduce low back pain enough to allow a person to stand up! Find this and more in the reference section of AcuGraph. The section is full of points and protocols that you don't use every day. This article is an example of a rare case...ENJOY!

    This Is What Happens When You Place An Ice Cube At This Point On Your Head

    Instead of using over the counter nasal sprays - try this all natural technique to clear a stuffy nose in 1 minute.

    DIY Shiatsu Self Massage FREE Printable [Tutorial] : helps with headaches, memory, decision making, concentration, etc.../ Natural health & healing

    How to Put Someone to Sleep Using Pressure Points > Very interesting

    Know Your Pressure Points =)

    9 Rare Known Acupressure Points to get rid of Depression

    Ear Acupressure - Calm Point

    Here are some medicine-free techniques that you should try out!

    Lower Trapezius Trigger Point Release - I need someone to do this for me.

    3 Natural Drinks To Cure Insomnia in some people but not's worth trying them!

    Migraines - Self Massage/Pressure Point Therapy

    Know Your Hand’s Pressure Points | Community Post: 18 Amazing Body Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

    Pressure Points for a Foot Massage : Press firmly on the tips of the toes to help relieve headache and sinus pain. Press firmly but do not cause pain. Hold the pressure on for several seconds at a time. Press firmly on the small rounded area just below the smallest toe - Helps with pain in the shoulder and neck area. Apply pressure on this point for up to 20 seconds.

    Emotional pain chart- the location of our aches & pains can tell us a lot about what feelings we have bottled up inside. Negative thinking can literally effect our health. Fortunately essential oils may be able to assist us in regaining our balance. LEARN MORE and ORDER HERE: HeavenScentOils4U... #yleo #youngliving #essentialoils #heavenscentoils4u #naturalremedies #essential #oils

    Cant Fall Back Asleep? Sleepy Dust—An Unconventional Nutritional Remedy for Insomnia

    Acupressure for stress reduction

    Ear Acupressure - Calm Point

    Acupressure Points for Relieving Knee Pain. Love this web site. So cool how this works for so much.