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    Equipment: Bug-Out Bag

    Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

    When disaster strikes and you need to haul ass, you don’t want to be running around gathering essentials. Your solution is a bug-out bag—a kit that contains the essentials to help you survive for t...

    Multi-Purpose 1 day pack ( FirstSpear is a brand created by former U.S. servicemen, they develop enhanced light-weight load carriage solutions for the US Special Forces )

    Bug out bag

    The Heat Company – HEAT 3 SMART Gloves

    72 Hour Kits and Survival Bags Part 2 | Self Reliance & Preparedness #LDSemergencyresources #MormonLink

    Someone is ready for a serious day trip to the grocery store..... in the middle of a zombie outbreak that is.

    Lighten your bug-out bag!

    Aquarius Zombie Survival Tin Lunch Box: Buy Zombie Survival Kits Online | Protect Yourself From The Zombie Apocalypse | #zombieapocalypse #zombiesurvival #survivalkit #zombies #fightzombies

    Bug-out bag options

    Great bug out bag!

    A light bulb for the zombie apocalypse

    Wolfram survival cabinet... good for other disasters too..

    Essentials: Zombie Hunter

    Let's say doomsday never arrives. Would that mean all our preps were a waste of time? Hell no! Here are 15 reasons why.

    how to tie a shemagh. This is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have.

    72 hour kits... awesome lists...

    Silent option

    Children's Survival Kit

    Are we kidding ourselves with our Bug Out Bags?