vintage ad promoting helvetica

Vintage Citroën Brochure, amazing colors and typography!



Favourites Film Festival 2013


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dustin koop

Type Study - Neue Helvetica Informational poster for Neue Helvetica by newklear. A clean work for one of the most popular typefaces. Neue Helvetica® Complete Family Pack More font recommendations. __posted by weandthecolor // facebook // twitter

Honda bike poster—The extremely bold lines make this a very dynamic composition. A highlight is how the face is cut off with the bike and how the body copy is laid underneath, nicely typeset. The real visual treat is the one line that comes off the bottom tire—wonderful placement, makes the bike feel very in motion.

Times New Roman by Pedro Javier Arbelaez

Great resource for fresh and free typefaces

Geomas Type

I love the way they used the eye dropper tool to make the entire poster the same color as the skyline. At first glance, I like the poster. At second, I hate the font. At third, I love the font, because I appreciate the fact that they made the "O" and "G" mimic the circular photograph.

used magazine.

this movie!

But I love the overhead view of people all going to the stage which is where the font is. Its so fun, awesome, and brilliant.

R /

Love the vintage styled illustration and typography. The colours look great too!