Made out of a men's dress shirt from the thrift store!

Turn a men's shirt into a skirt

DIY Shirt Skirt

This chick really knows how to Thrift. Free tips/advice to keep in mind on your next trip to the thrift store!

Reciclar camisa

2 men shirts into a dress

from men's dress shirt

DIY Skirt! Could be long or short. Once again, imagining the pattern in my head.

Syl and Sam: tutorial - mens shirt to cut-out dress


This girl does one refashion a day of awkward thrift store clothes and nails it almost every time - its so addicting to see all her re-fashions ! check it out

Mens shirt into gypsy shirt…

This is TOO cute!!! I can't wait to try and make it!!! It is made from a mens button down dress shirt, and a tie.

Transform your old shirt jeans into skirt


49 Dresses: DIY... This girl is brilliant.

leather leggings- with a big white shirt and black motorcycle boots.

DIY: Men's Shirt to Shirt Dress