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aww. Justin with Avalanna, she was his OLLG. :')

I detest his music, but what he did for this little girl was incredibly sweet. I'm sure it was not such a huge deal for him to spend a little time with her, but I can only imagine how much it meant to sweet Avalanna and her family.

Aww, I'm glad she was able to meet him before she died. Somehow, I wish she was still alive, because she was the most prettiest little girl I've ever seen. She's a blessing to me!

I was still at his consert where he sang a song to her! He is so strong and she was so lucky to have him😘

Aww #ANGEL #AVALANNA  Check out Melody Bieber's board of JB for mooore! #BELIEBER

I remember her and how he was with her! Aww Check out Melody Bieber's board of JB for mooore!

Justin Bieber and Avalanna Routh    RIP Avalanna (Mrs. Bieber) 26/9/2012

Sit Up saja tak Cukup, Jajal 5 Latihan ini Jika Ingin Sixpack

6 year old justin bieber fan, avalanna routh, dies of cancer.

I almost cried... He's just so loving... I can't believe people think he doesn't care about his fans.

I'm not sad to admit i love him haha. This video is adorable.

Nobody!! I mean nobody knows how beliebers feel and you won't ever

Earth lost a fighter but heaven gained an angel.P Avalanna

Bizarre plot to murder and castrate Justin Bieber thwarted