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New Girl Scout leaders can follow these four easy steps for creating a successful troop.

Excellent use of a material that is difficult to recycle and also remarkably tough and flexible. The use of the sealing cap as the clasp is a very clever touch.

Team Building Game with Balloons - 10 Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids

Excellent site with pdfs of Journeys suggestions and ideas for all levels

Foods to pack with you on your camping trip

Great camping idea! Make the trip to the showers a little easier, toiletries on a lanyard. Easy to carry, easy to hang.

Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil doubles as a super effective mosquito repellent. And you won’t smell like bug repellent. - Camping Hacks

Easy Camping hack with Solo cups, ziploc bags and your favorite cereal. Store it, eat it, and re-use the cup for later on your camping trip. Genius.

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner for your tent when camping... Sometimes it just gets tooooo hot! #camping #ourdoors

This is called #smart #camping! Isn't it? Try more at

Campfire Bacon is seriously the best thing I have ever eaten! Like the way they weave it..

Girl Scout Blog: 5 Camp Songs Every Girl Scout Should Know


Girl Scout Safety Award Pin Presentation.

DIY Lip Balm (like burts bees) good idea for a group get together activity!

Homemade Lip Gloss -only 2 ingredients!


First sewing project DIY. Teach your little one how to sew with this cute purse idea. #sew

How to make this cute bug craft with kids! BUGGLES. How cute. Altoid Tin Reuse Bug Craft Toy

Naomi Jameson- Brownie Uniforms of The World. Thinking Day, 22nd February.

Girl Scout Community Service Projects All Year Long

A SWAP that lights up.

The Non Slip Loop Knot. Superb. The strongest loop knot you can tie. Used by big game anglers worldwide. Easy to tie, far stronger and more reliable than the old fashioned strangulating figure eight knot that can substantially weaken line.

40 years ago, we used to carve Ivory soap at camp. Instructions from "Ivory" and some patterns for beginners who need a little direction.

Create a Giving Library at a Hospital