Piper Shepard workshop titled:Exquisite Patterning or Good Neighbor, cut gessoed canvas

Artist: Asya Gontsa - Paper art すごい!紙ですか

Knitting Toilet Paper - by Wang Lei (c.2010)

Diane Itter

Beautiful paper cutting

look at these! bloody gorgeous... could somehow be adapted to my project... elizabethan ruff! ohohoh. (by andrea russo)

Intricate Organic Forms Cut from Paper by Rogan Brown

El Anatsui | detail

Julia Wright - hand stitch layered fabric with rust dyed fabric

Tasja Keetman

“Have another look to what we can do with fabrics, so different shapes, too much interesting stuff to create. Mika Barr just took this materials to create surprising designs. “

Jiyoung Chung textile from Gelong 2011 Forum: Circle Insets

shirts shirts shirts kaarina Kaiakkonen

laser cut screens


Pattern 19 Wiener Werkstätte

Piper Shepard takes graphite coated muslin and cuts out her designs BY HAND! It makes these insanely beautiful lace like textiles.

Rebecca Ward - Multicoloured duct tape

UNSPUN: Tangled & Fused by Dana Barkes. Fibre Wall.

Meredith Woolnough’s Embroideries Mimic Delicate Forms of Nature http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/10/meredith-woolnoughs-embroideries-mimic-delicate-forms-of-nature/