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Funny Workplace Ecard: 'We just can't *wait* for summer to be over and for that staff-meeting-magic to start up again' said no teacher.so true!

...without input from parents. Common Core is education without representation! Click the link to learn more!

What if i told you you can learn your music at home and come to rehearsal prepared? - What If I Told You

This professor’s very, very real assistant. | The 26 Most Hilarious And Shocking Moments In Literary History

My emergency paper reader is Helen Waite. If you think that your paper must be read immediately then go to Helen Waite. 33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh

#7: Only teachers know that those long breaks just even everything out.

Just so you know, teachers don't 'have the summer off'. They just do a year's worth of work in 10 months. They actually only get paid during 10 months of the year.and I do work over the summer (professional development, etc)