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  • Kieta Mall Skoglund

    cross sections of candy bars - I don't even like chocolate bars and I think this looks good! Ok people, name that candy bar!

  • Scarlett Rose

    Mmmm.. Chocolate

  • Kristy Lagemann Collins

    candy bars: from left to right: Whatchamacallit, Mars, Butterfinger, Reeses (or BF) Crisp, Rolo, Twix PB, Oh Henry, Chunky, Almond Joy, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Milky Way, 100 Grand,Reese Whipped, Caramello, Baby Ruth, Mounds, Payday, Charleston Chew, KitKat. I had to do a little research for the Reese Whipped as it hasn't been seen in years by me.

  • Napatsawan Chirayukool

    Candybars! by lorraine

  • Kathleen Cox

    Chocolate Candy Bars

  • Karla Alcantar

    Chocolate craving

  • Zoe Halberg Orlando

    CANDY BAR Cross sections - not a recipe. I'm making it a goal to figure these out!

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