Forest Steps, Wurzburg, Germany.

7, gods on your way to enlightenment

Stairway, Bavaria, Germany

Old Mill, Black Forest, Germany.This place, the food, the history, the's a magical step back into time.

✯ Enchanted Forest, RobIreland - Ireland

Tree tunnel. Ballynoe, Co Down, Ireland

path to no where

Wow - stunning dark beauty - The Dark Hedges - N. Ireland. Michele Erdvig says: "The timeless aura is evocative of a Tolkienesque landscape." Indeed.

Stairway to heaven, Taihang Mountains, Linzhou, China

Autumn Forests

Steps Into the enchanted woods - Killarney

morningmist by Peter Engman, via 500px Sunlight and Morning Mist- a powerful combination!

✮ Forest House, Dandenong Mountains, Australia

mossy railroad. love.

one step at a time.....

Sun Rays, Black Forest, Germany

Magical forest

Abandoned Railroad, Lebanon, Missouri