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Cam Gigandet

Scarecrow Tutu Dress - If I had a daughter I would totally do this. If any of my friends want this - I will make it for you!

Pink jaguar convertible

I will have a Landseer newf at some point. I know...I know...because I don't have enough giant, furry dogs in my life already.

Marilyn Monroe photo by George Barris in 1962

Oh my she was so matter what she wore.

Marilyn in that famous red dress from the opening scene of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, designed by William Travilla.

Matt Bomer

I don't always sit, but when I do I also stand. -The most interesting Bassett hound

Sugar Skull

Matt Kemp is by far one of the sexiest men to ever walk this planet we call earth.

Black Shih Tzu Puppy

Seeing Famous Places From Above Is Surreal. #29 Shocked Me. | SF Globe

David Beckham

Shemar Moore is a work of art. Loved him on the Young and the Restless. He can come back now!

I am so scared that one day im going to run across a pug puppy... cuz i know that no matter what, i will not be able to say no

George Clooney and model Gemma Ward from 2006 Vanity Fair story, "Already A Classic"

Why do men age so nicely? Rick Fox

Audrey Hepburn | Gigi | Roman Holiday | Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's



Adam Levine. hottie.

Gorgeous all around. Hair flawless and the red lips are Always in (to me anyway)

White is definitely MY favorite color!

Adam Levine (his tattoos make him a million times hotter...)