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Whenever there's a problem in your life, repeat over and over: All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of the situation only good will come. I am safe! It will work miracles in your life.

I am filled with optimism and happiness

I am filled with optimism and happiness

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When people discover the Law of Attraction their thoughts quickly turn to the important parts of their life. How to use the Law Of Attraction For Love?

Manifesting greatnesa. If I believe it, it will happen. I am destined for greatness! I have wished so hard to be right where I am right now and I feel so proud of myself for my accomplishments

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Dear Universe, thank you, with all of my heart, for everything in my life. Gratitude is a deep spiritual practice. So no matter how crappy or bad it might seem right now, make sure you thank the Universe for what you DO have and for the things you want t

Hold this thought

Tired of talking to yourself negatively? Then it’s time to use positive affirmations in your life. Positive affirmations are important because they help you push down the self-doubt you are feeling and boost your confidence - www.