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A close up of Alyssa by Sonya Hartmann, one of the new dolls for 2015 from the Kidz 'n' Cats range.

A very cute side view of Alyssa from Kidz 'n' Cats 2015 doll collection.

Meet Alyssa, the only doll in the 2015 collection with my favourite face mould. So gorgeous!

A close up of Kidz 'n' Cats Marina, one of the new dolls for 2015 by Sonya Hartmann

Such a cute side view of Kidz 'n' Cats Marina, a new doll for 2015 by Sonya Hartmann

Kidz 'n' Cats Marina, one of the new girls for the summer of 2015 by Sonya Hartmann for her Kidz 'n' Cats doll range.

Close up of Kidz 'n' cats Lauryn, a limited edition blue eyed doll with red hair. She's beautiful!

Kidz 'n' Cats doll Lauryn from the 2015 collection - gorgeous!

Jennet is so lovely. Her hair is silky and shoulder length. Gorgeous!

Can't decide on my favourite but Julika is one of the top two - she's beautiful!

Robert from the 2015 Kidz 'n' Cats collection has arrived and he is every bit as good as his photo - even better!

Robert - the 'must have' Kidz 'n' Cats doll from the 2015 collection. He is about to arrive.

Julika is due to arrive at any minute. She looks so beautiful I can't wait to see her!

The ever popular Grace is now back in stock at Petalina. Suitable for age 6+ and is £104.99, made in Germany. www.petalinadolls...

The 2014 Christmas doll Jodie is now available at Petalina for girls age 6+ £104.99 www.petalinadolls...

The long awaited Miu is now in stock with longer hair than the photo suggests. Her hair quality and outfit are amazing! £104.99 age 6+ www.petalinadolls...

Aletta by Kidz 'n' Cats with golden brown hair and grey green eyes. A multi jointed doll for children and collectors that has been made in Germany to a high standard. £129.99 www.petalinadolls...

Kidz 'n' Cats Aletta's dress is so pretty - I think little girls are going to love her!

Meet Aletta, the latest Wunschpuppe doll by Kidz 'n' Cats.

Kidz 'n' Cats Teresa Doll, a new doll from the Kidz 'n' Cats 2014 collection

Little girls will love this doll in the new 2014 collection of Kidz 'n' Cats dolls - Princess in Pink

Kidz 'n' Cats Paulette, a new doll in the 2014 Kidz 'n' Cats collection

Julia, a new Kidz 'n' Cats play doll for 2014

Love Jolina, one of the new 2014 collection Kidz 'n' Cats dolls