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    • Cheryl Ponce

      I do this. It's natural. I lived alone for many years, so who else is going to laugh at all the hilarious things I might say if there were someone to say them to?

    • Judi Mooney

      Laughed so hard I cried at something I talked to myself about!! :) I always tell Jack, "I'm hilarious"... this is a perfect quote

    • Christina Barron

      All the time. Like at the mall when that one idiot walks by and you think things you would never say out loud....and it is just so hilarious....😜

    • Tasha Medina

      I say things to myself all the time that I know are hilarious but others might not 75 times a day atleast! :)

    • Gabriela Rodriguez

      Funny!-yep, he does this and the funny thing is that he is really hilarious-I don't know how he can still make me laugh about something I have heard 20 times before. but, don't tell him I said so! haha :) Ya lo sabes

    • Sofia Payne

      Story of my life.< maybe I've done it like 10 times a year but like story of my whole life I talk to myself and laugh. But I will admit I think of things and then start smiling or laughing........I do it's like everyday....every hour.... Jk not EVERY HOUR maybe like every three hours... Idek what I'm talking about anymore..... If you read all this ily and please comment and not just like (if you cried)

    • Kara Kelly

      I don't talk out loud to myself but I def think about funny stuff and laugh out loud. HILARIOUS!

    • Jackie Jarboe

      So true, theres always someone laughing at my jokes...even if it is just me, i'm hilarious!

    • Mariana Botelho

      #myself #hilarious #alone #laugh #life #quotes

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    I do this all the time...and say the words with my mouth. embarassing!!

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    I'm totally awesome.


    all the time.

    I'm the type of girl who busts out laughing randomly at things you won't find nearly as hilarious as I do.


    Stand by me... I used to say this all the time lol

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    I do this all the time and feel sorry for the ones without my sense of humor. I can laugh about a joke or situations for days.....

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