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Ooooh this is good! SO MANY PLOT BUNNIES!

100 Roleplay Scenarios! (list 2 of 4) — Source:

The Writer's Rule Book: Writing Maxims to Live by (and Sometimes Break). -- Interesting.

So You Want to Write a Novel.

Writing tip: scene, repinned from Wordweavers India Ezine. (lol to the 200 times part... even though, it's not all that far from the truth of it)

10 Rules for Writing First Drafts [Poster] | Copyblogger

"Write 50 words," and beyond. Thank you, @M. Would Gwyneth Do, for posting on this. I needed to hear it.



Great rules minus 6&8. I find that my best writing comes from the deepest places of my heart, mind, and soul, not from another's page. Also everything has some sort of moral and the story will become more meaningful if you point it out. People will connect with it and grow from it which will make it more desirable to read.

#Writer's Rule 33;