Because every girl is a princess and deserves to wear her crown.

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A Father gives his daughter this ring for her 16th birthday (when dating is officially allowed) to wear on her left ring finger--to remind her that she will always be HIS little Princess first-- and to remind her to only date boys who will treat her like a Queen--the way her Heavenly Father sees her!! LOVE THIS..

This would be great for parents to give their daughter as a True Love Waits ring and give it to her husband on their wedding day. Did this at our daughter's wedding. Special Moment! Silver Ring - You Are My Princess. $24.00, via Etsy.

princess ring- wear it on your left ring finger to remind yourself not to settle for anyone that doesn't treat you like a princess.

crown ring

Tiny Diamond Eternity Band--- maybe to replace the ring I lost? Not that I deserve it but I would NEVER lose a ring again! Especially one like this!! :)

crown ring

a promise ring for your daughter reminding her she is a princess, the daughter of the King. Chevron V Pearl Ring - Rose Gold - The Faint Hearted Jewelry

Me likey...

Sterling silver Necklace Light Blue Mermaid tears Water Drop Color Glass ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Dreamy Wedding Inspiration Cartier diamond ring

Crown Ring. Fancy.

Fortune Necklace Says: "Never settle for anything less than butterflies."

unique wedding ring - Etsy: Artmasters


Delicate Leaf Branch ring - Silver OR Gold, Everyday jewelry, Leaf Ring, Vine Ring,Adjustable Ring,Gift for Her,Gift Under 20 via Etsy

Simple tiny sterling silver bee ring, silver and gold brass stacking ring, hammered band ring. Cute and tiny brass bumble bee is attached to a sterling

bridesmaid gifts?

Delicate turquoise rings