How to melt plastic

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Hot glue trinkets that look expensive and will likely win you acalades from your loved ones.: This works perfectly! Make sure you use this silicone molds, not super cheap ones or they will melt and stick to the hot glue.

melting plastic bottles

How to Melt Down Plastic for Making Recyclable Art thumbnail

Melted plastic

These are melted plastic cups!!! How cool is this?????

Make this with melted plastic cups

Roses made from melted plastic spoons.

Melted plastic earrings

Melted plastic bottles

Melted plastic cups with glass paint

Melting plastic bags together tutorial

Trees made of melted plastic from around the house.

more melted plastic bead ideas

melt plastic bags to make bowls

Melted plastic bottle beads

melting bottles into bowls

Tree made from melted plastic bottle

Melted plastic

melt #6 plastic party cups to make pendants

Plastic Cup SNOWMAN, for those that don't want to get out in the cold....and this one will never melt.