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I love Ke$ha. She's amazing & she always has so much fun. I'm currently obsessed with her song "Die Young". I have it on repeat.

Ke$ha there's just something about her that I really like, she's not annoying like a lot of other singers

KE$HA- put aside her scandalous postion- and take a gander at her GORGEOUS hair! gah!

my supposed twin Ke$ha

Kesha love that crazy bitch

Ke$ha. She has a spirithood!!! o.M.G!!!!

Kesha. You know, you take away all the massive amounts of glitter and put her in a somewhat normal outfit, she's actually quite pretty.

ke$ha. for inspiring me to go hard on the elliptical, hold my head high crossing those who would judge me, not care about spilling beer on my shoes and feel pretty. all via honestly fun pop music.