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    Anna and Elsa's ages are official now!

    • Skuyler Donaldson

      Anna and Elsa's ages are official now! Ha! I was Right! My brother said anna was 15 and elsa was 18... ya! I was Right! Anna is 18 and elsa is 21 hehe

    • Pamela Hogan

      Frozen / Tangled Crossover - Anna and Elsa's ages are official now! When the movie started, Elsa was 8 and Anna was 5. At Elsa's Coronation, Elsa is 21 and Anna is 18. THIS MEANS THAT ELSA AND RAPUNZEL ARE THE SAME AGE, BECAUSE RAPUNZEL TURNED 18 WHEN HER MOVIE TOOK PLACE THREE YEARS AGO.

    • Morgan Nance

      Anna and Elsa's ages are official now! MOMMMMMM!! I WAS RIGHT!! <----- DANG it!!!! So close!! I said Elsa was 20 and Anna was 18 :/

    • Sisi Addams

      Anna and Elsa's ages are official now! Woah married at 18, no wonder Elsa was concerned. Beside the fact that she only knew him for a say

    • Mary N

      That is just what I guessed! So then in "D Y W t B a S", they would be 10 & 13 , and later 15 & 18

    • Malisa Lewis

      Anna and Elsa's ages are official now! But wouldn't Elsa be 18 and Anna 15?

    • Raquel Jaime

      Anna and Elsa's ages are official now! Kristoff is 21 Hans is 23

    • Sarah Ogden

      @Audrey Ogden Audrey, they really are us. Whaaattt??

    • Sarah Leny

      Official ages of Anna and Elsa

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    Oh Elsa...

    ......MIND BLOWN!!!


    Anna and Elsa- i just need to pin this again

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