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Overrobe with Design of Peonies, Plum Blossoms, and Butterflies Period: Edo period (1615–1868) Date: 18th–19th century Culture: Japan Medium: Silk, metallic thread

Formal Kimono with yuzen-zome design "Village of Red Plum Blossoms" by Moriguchi Kaka, Japanese National Living Treasure

Furisode with shortened sleeves, Japanese, Edo period, mid-19th century, Silk satin embroidered with silk and gilt-metallic yarns. Dark blue silk satin ground with design of plum blossoms embroidered with white, brown and light green silk and gilt-metallic yarns. Lined with bright red silk and padded at the bottom. Red silk crepe sleeve facings. Style favored by wealthy merchant class (chônin). MFA